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Introducing the SOLE Fitness App

Exciting changes are here as our newest SOLE Fitness equipment models hit the market! Our updated consoles feature an eye-friendly, bright backlit LCD screen and integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology. When you use Bluetooth to pair the all new SOLE Fitness App with your machine you can easily monitor and record your workout data.

The SOLE Fitness App works with our Bluetooth enabled machines and is compatible with most Android and iOS systems. The app turns your device into a control centre for your workout that also records your workout data to help track your performance over time. This data can be transferred to other open source fitness applications, such as Fitbit, iHealth, RECORD, and MapMyFitness, to keep all your stats in one place for easy management. You can use other applications on your device while the SOLE Fitness App runs in the background meaning you can watch a movie or check your email while you exercise and your workout tracker will not miss a step!

Getting started is easy! Just download the free SOLE Fitness App, pair your device with a compatible SOLE Fitness machine, and set up your user account. Detailed instructions below:

1. Use your device to download the free SOLE Fitness App from Google Play or The App Store.
2. Turn on your SOLE Fitness equipment and activate Bluetooth on your device. Ensure your device is within 10′-15′ of the machine in order to maintain the link.
3. Open the SOLE Fitness App on your device and click the link icon in the upper left of your screen. This will locate available SOLE Fitness machines and display the model number for you to choose for connection. Once you hear the machine’s console beep, your device and the machine are linked. You will not be able to use any buttons on the machine console until you have chosen your program through the display on your device.
4. Connect to your fitness equipment and sign in as a guest or set up a user account to use the SOLE Fitness App. Please note: your age and weight will be required in your user profile to get proper feedback from the built-in programs. You will require a user account if you wish to store your workout data.
Once you have selected your workout program, the console will beep again. When your workout begins, the console buttons will be re-enabled. Please note: your device display will show 3 data profiles versus one shown on the console.

The app has three functions: to set up a workout program, to record exercise data, and to send your workout data to your other compatible fitness apps. The SOLE Fitness App makes program set-up easy:

1. Once you sign in, choose a workout from the preset programs. Then simply set the desired workout time (minimum 10 minutes) and press “Sync”. Please note: you may choose a different program from the options displayed without going back to the previous screen. The workout will not begin until START is pressed on the machine console.

SOLE Fitness App

2. Press the START button on the equipment console to begin the selected program. Please note: you can skip the warm up at any time by pressing the START button on the console which will immediately begin the chosen program. If you wish to pause your warm up or workout program, you can do so at any time by pressing the STOP button on the console. An alert will appear automatically on the device screen, but can be cleared by pressing START on the equipment console to reactivate your workout program, or STOP on the equipment console to end the program (your workout summary will be displayed if you have already begun your program). Pressing STOP a third time will exit the program completely.
3. The app provides three display viewing options to switch between on your device: Simple, Track, and Dashboard.
4. Use the arrow on the left of the device’s display to easily switch from workout feedback to preset entertainment apps, while the SOLE Fitness App records exercise data in the background.
5. To pause a workout press the STOP button on the equipment console. An alert will display on the device screen. Press START on the equipment console to resume the workout or press STOP on the equipment console again to end it. Press STOP a third time to exit the program.

SOLE Fitness App

6. The app will automatically upload and store workout data to the integrated personal calendar at the completion of a workout.
7. The upload icon in the right corner of the app (beside the language icon) will share your workout summary on Facebook and Twitter, and/or transfer the data to other fitness apps to keep all workout data in one place. To do so, enable the desired app from the SOLE interface on the device and sign in.

SOLE Fitness App

User safety is of utmost concern in the design of all our products, and the SOLE Fitness App is no exception. All workouts must begin or be interrupted by using the START and STOP buttons on the equipment console. The SOLE Fitness App interface does not allow for workout starts and stops, ensuring each workout can only begin or be interrupted intentionally.

The SOLE Fitness App helps users easily track changes and progress in your workouts. Improvements in the length of a workout session, workout heart rate percentage, or handling more resistance and incline (for treadmills and ellipticals) are all tracked. To see these changes it is extremely important to set up your workout plan and keep tracking your data.